Technical Specifications

Function range precision

Dca 0.05ma – 2.5ma – 25ma – 250ma ± 3%

Dcv 0.1v – 0.25v – 2.5v – 10v – 50v – 250v – 1000v ± 3%

Acv 10v – 50v – 250v – 1000v ± 4%

Resistance x1?x10?x100?x1k?x10k? ± 10%

Ducting check with and buzzer


  • Made of good quality plastic material and finished by good technology.
  • This 85C1-A Panel Meter is specially designed for measuring current and monitoring battery & electrical system.
  • 85C1-A Analog Current Panel Meter with accuracy of Class 2.5 can measure current between 0 A and 5 A.
  • The DC 5A Ammeter offers users great simplicity and easily reading.
  • The Analog Panel Meter is low power consumption and long lasting.





Ampere meter laboratory instruments which relied on the Earth’s magnetic field for operation. It is a measuring instrument used to measure the current in a circuit.


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